I truly enjoyed our work together. It is my sincere wish that you were able to begin moving through obstacles on your journey to wellness as we spoke and that, through self-reflection between sessions, you found even greater clarity, motivation and inner wisdom.

If you can spare a few minutes I would love to get your honest feedback. As a coach, I am constantly practicing and refining how I can best serve others. Creating a loving and compassionate space for my clients is of utmost importance to me and the key to an effective coaching relationship is communication.


How well were you able to advance in your health & wellness goals while working together?
If you made positive changes in your life, have these changes been sustained?
How did you feel about Carrie's approach to coaching?
Do you plan to enlist support in achieving your health & wellness goals in the future?
Please feel free to leave open and honest feedback about your experience in working together. (I mean that!)

Thank you so much!