Thank you for joining the challenge!

I'm so glad you've decided to join me on this adventure. I embarked on a little test run back in November with my private coaching support group and had a blast! We laughed, we cried, we got a little uncomfortable and embarrassed at times, but in the end those of us who embraced the daily challenges experienced A LOT of growth - mentally, spiritually and physically!

You see, as you step outside your comfort zone and your daily routines, you give your brain a powerful signal that it's time for change. Many of us with chronic illness (or even just general life staleness!) have inadvertently created robust neural pathways in our brains that keep us stuck in familiar patterns. The brain likes familiar patterns. It likes to take the path of least resistance. 

Unfortunately, the path of least resistance for the brain can often be the path of endless despair for the body and spirit. The same symptoms lead to the same thoughts which lead to the same fears which loop right back to the same symptoms of dis-ease or unhappiness.

We're going to begin to change all that!

As you signal your brain that it's time for change by embarking on these daily challenges, you will actually loosen the robust neural pathways of dis-ease and unhappiness to make room for new, peaceful, joyous, positive neural connections. Those are the connections that heal.  

The Details

• Look out for an email the week of April 16th with the 14 Day Challenge playbook. 

• Each day you'll receive an email and text (if you provided your phone number) with the day's "dare". You can follow along with my journey on Facebook and I encourage you to comment with photos of your accomplishments along the way.

• My advice? Have FUN and don't avoid the ones that scare you the most. Those challenges often bring with them the most opportunity for growth.

Let's do this!