a six-week telecourse designed to help you
relearn to appreciate food as nourishment

In my years of working with individuals who suffer from “mystery illnesses” - diagnoses that typically baffle mainstream medicine such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities, mold illness (CIRS), and any number of autoimmune diseases - I’ve noticed a shared struggle to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating. Even for those of us without a history of recognized eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, a fine line can begin to develop between the innocent attempt to eat more healthfully and a full time obsession with consuming “food as medicine.”

If you feel like you’ve developed some level of disordered eating amidst your health journey or, if you feel a dissonance between you and the food you consume each day then this course is for you!


Join me as I guide you through a live weekly telecourse that will inspire you to embrace a fresh relationship with food. We’ll meet every Wednesday at noon eastern from June 12 - July 17.

what to expect each week

WEEK 1: This week we’ll look at ways in which our environment shapes our reality. Cleaning up our external environment is the first step in cleaning up our internal environment - and, eventually, the health of our relationship to food.

WEEK 2: We’ll explore the culinary patterns of the various phases of our lives. When did our relationship to food change?

WEEK 3: Fear. What is it really and how is it fighting to stay present in our minds? We’ll increase our awareness of fear and how our egos manipulate it. What’s going on behind our eyes—the mind chatter, or trio of inner critics, that seem to have siphoned the joy out of eating—will be explored in depth this week.

WEEK 4: What are you truly hungry for? What are you craving? This week is all about understanding the true nature of our cravings.

WEEK 5: This week you’ll learn to take real control of your seemingly uncontrollable eating habits by interrupting well-established mental habits.

WEEK 6: Finally, we’ll share our experiences and lift one another up as we head out on our individual mindful eating journeys with fresh lenses and a toolkit for the road ahead.


included resources

√ A PDF Food Gratitude workbook (that can also be purchased in physical form for $20 no later than May 10)

√ Personalized, individual Mindful Eating Blueprints sent to each participant within 2 weeks of the final call

√ Access to a private Food Gratitude Facebook group for support and further discussion between calls

√ Recordings of all six calls to listen (or re-listen) to at your leisure.


Location: Telecourse via phone or Internet
Dates: Wednesdays at noon eastern June 12, June 19, June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17
Cost: $148.00

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