+ Do you feel as if “dis-ease” has robbed you of your life’s purpose?
+ Are you longing for a return to your past self?
+ Have you put your happiness on hold in an effort to find a cure to your mystery illness?

Get your FREE copy of my Wellness Toolkit, including my story + recovery experience, to help put you on the path to your most vibrant life!

wellness toolkit

This FREE Wellness Toolkit was developed to offer you a place to begin on your healing journey. Not more doctors’ visits, lab tests, or supplements, but a path to finally reconnecting with your wholeness, your whole self.

Half a decade of mysterious health challenges have ultimately taken me deep within myself to find the answers I needed to heal. I want to share with you what I've learned because I feel passionately that the mind, body and spirit all need to be nourished if true health and wellness can be achieved. In fact, nourishing these three fundamental parts of you can easily do more than just heal "dis-ease”. This self-care can propel your wellbeing to heights you never imagined!

This is truly a no-nonsense, information-packed kit. You'll receive practical tips for nourishing your mind & body, resources that have personally helped me along the way, and printable monthly, weekly and daily planners to assist you in laying out your own plans for recovery.

If you're sick (literally!) of waiting for the solution to your health challenges and are ready to start finding true healing within yourself, this toolkit is for you.



Outnumbered three to one by my husband and two sons, I am considered the queen of my household in Sarasota, Florida. With a degree in Economics from Davidson College, a professional background in banking and sales, and a lifelong fondness for beautiful design, I am also an artist and business owner whose career has followed the path of my passions.

In 2012, I found myself beset with mysterious fatigue and pain that interrupted my busy life. Though different doctors and therapists were able to address some symptoms, none could pinpoint the overall cause of my faltering health – or prescribe a solution that made me feel better. I felt too crummy to enjoy my family and friends. I was having a hard time working on my boutique paper line, littleday press. In fact, I was starting to feel downright dysfunctional.

Since that time, I have been on a steady journey to improve my health – a journey that has included some right moves, a few wrong turns, and plenty of difficult questions. I have met and consulted with experts in everything from nutrition to the immune system, and what I have learned has led to some very positive lifestyle changes.

Beginning in 2014, I began pursuing a dual Masters in Nutrition & Integrative Health and Health & Wellness Coaching. Going back to school might seem to be the ultimate juggling act, but it’s one that has great personal importance for me, and I hope to share what I learn to improve the lives and health of others.