So many of us have become disconnected from ourselves—our deepest desires, passions, hobbies… the very things in life that fuel and inspire us! During this one-day retreat I will guide you through various self-reflective activities to help you find that inner spark. More details to come, but as usual, a nutrient-dense, plant-based lunch and yoga will be provided. You’ll definitely want to create space for yourself to enjoy the connection with others that magically unfolds during these events. I hope you can make it!

Saturday, October 12, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


*This event has ended

Though many of us are unaware, our minds are the source of much of our suffering - from the grips of anxiety to the limitations of physical illness. Fortunately, we all have within us the ability to calm the daily struggle rooted in the chatter of our minds. It’s just a matter of learning to tap into that power.

Join us for a magical mini-retreat where you’ll nurture your body, mind, and spirit and bridge the gap between them.


*This event has ended

Join us for a restorative day designed to help you become grounded, present and calm within your body. As you learn to come back home within yourself, your body does what it truly wants to do naturally - heal and thrive.

Dramatic play with Christine Hopkins, Dir. Education at FST
Light yoga with Athena Asha, 200hr RYT
Healthy lunch provided by Nutritious You
Mindful eating with Cari Beard aka The Wellness Chik &
Guided visualizations, intuitive journaling and group coaching with Carrie Eckert, Mind Body Coach


*This event has ended

Join us for a casual, restorative girls night out as we gather to relax and discuss life circumstances that get in the way of taking much needed time to heal ourselves - mind, body and soul.

Special Guests Kandy Magnotti, MA, MFT & Jordé the Artist will guide us through a unique SOUL Nurture™ Sponsored 90-minute Creative Therapy Group Session designed to awaken and nurture our SOULS.