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Avocado to Zen

a healthy diet is often just the start…
the power of the mind can take you the rest of the way


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So many of us have become disconnected from ourselves—our deepest desires, passions, hobbies… the very things in life that fuel and inspire us! During this one-day retreat I will guide you through various self-reflective activities to help you find that inner spark. More details to come, but as usual, a nutrient-dense, plant-based lunch and yoga will be provided. You’ll definitely want to create space for yourself to enjoy the connection with others that magically unfolds during these events. I hope you can make it!




Meet Carrie

Mold Illness Recovery Series

Free Your Mind Program


what others are saying

“Even over the phone, I can feel Carrie "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding… As a person, Carrie is wise, kind, and experienced!”

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“Reframing my situation so that it focused on the positive was huge. Lyme disease taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, and it allowed me to become curious about what I could learn and change to make my life better, rather than be defeated by my symptoms.”


Empowering you to overcome mysterious symptoms of dis-ease and reclaim your life!


Carrie Eckert | Mind Body Coach

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Background includes:

M.A. Health & Wellness Coaching
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach
Neuroplasticity Training
The Work of Byron Katie
Graduate Level Nutrition Training
Personal Illness to Wellness Journey!