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Here you’ll find articles on everything from neuroplasticity (i.e. the brain’s ability to rewire itself) to self-love to coping with life’s everyday challenges. A few of the most read posts…


safer skincare

Because what we put ON our bodies is often as important as what we put IN them… Check out why I decided to partner with the company on a mission to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone | Beautycounter


Where you can find me serving up a dish of intuition, alongside a dollop of nutrition knowledge (which really is mostly common sense), with a pinch of who-gives-a-crap when it comes to cooking.



You can find a library filled with custom designed meditations, audio lessons, printable activities and more when you enroll in my Free Your Mind Program | Sample Meditations


healthy home consultations

Do you live in the Sarasota area and are you interested in learning more about how you can implement changes to enhance the air quality of your indoor living space? My in-person, healthy home consults arm you with personalized recommendations for safe cleaning and personal care products.


giving back

charity : water | Water is the essence of life. 💦Check out this video. Share it. Spread the word. You'll be glad you did.