About Carrie


Outnumbered four to one by her husband, two sons and young Brittany Spaniel, Carrie Eckert is the queen of her household in Florida. With a degree in Economics from Davidson College, a professional background in banking and sales, and a lifelong fondness for beautiful design, she is also an artist and business owner whose career has followed the path of her passions. 

In 2012, Carrie found herself beset with mysterious fatigue and pain that interrupted her busy life. Though different doctors and therapists were able to address some symptoms, none could pinpoint the overall cause of her faltering health – or prescribe a solution that made her feel better. She felt too crummy to enjoy her family and friends. She was having a hard time working on her boutique paper line, littleday press. In fact, she was starting to feel downright dysfunctional.

A few years and almost a dozen diagnoses later, she found herself living in a moldy home. The ensuing CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) diagnosis became the tipping point in her health journey. Mold was the one-two punch to her already fragile health, and it became the driving force behind her efforts to look in a different direction to heal. You can read more about this insidious toxin, what it can do to your body, and how you can clean up your living environment and your health here.

Since that time, Carrie has been on a steady journey to improve her health – a journey that has included some right moves, a few wrong turns, and plenty of difficult questions. She has met and consulted with experts in everything from nutrition to the immune system, and what she has learned has led to some very positive lifestyle changes.

In 2014, Carrie began working toward a Master's degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health. She soon began to discover the power of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change, and it played a significant part of her own journey back to health and wholeness. She then received a Master's degree in Health & Wellness Coaching with an emphasis on Mind Body Healing. She has trained with industry leading professionals, including best-selling author, life coach, and O Magazine columnist, Dr. Martha Beck, limbic system rehab specialist, Annie Hopper, and founder for The School of The Work, Byron Katie. Going back to school might seem to have been the ultimate juggling act, but it was one that had great personal importance for Carrie, and she truly enjoys sharing what she's learned to improve the lives and health of others.


Wanna learn more about the origins of the website name? No, contrary to popular belief it's not "avocado dozen", though consuming a dozen of this nutrient-dense fruit (berry, to be specific) sounds pretty good, it's actually Avocado to Zen.