Working with Carrie has been such an amazing and eye-opening experience for me! Even though our sessions have been on the phone, I can feel her "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding what I'm saying and feeling. As a coach, I was very inspired by her ability to guide me to find my own answers and to help me stick to plans, providing me with encouragement and with accountability at every step. As a person, Carrie is: WISE! KIND! EXPERIENCED! Without hesitation, I give her my highest recommendation as a Health and Wellness Coach.


Carrie has brought a breath of fresh air to my life through her health and wellness coaching practice. She has helped me see around corners I didn’t know were there and dig deep to relieve suffering I was creating with my thoughts. The wisdom she gained through healing her own dis-ease has helped me work through many similar issues as I healed my breast cancer. I always feel deeply cared for and safe in our coaching conversations. I’m thankful the Universe introduced me to Carrie. Her guidance is always spot on.

JULIE EDGE Ph.D. | Kansas City, MO

Carrie’s coaching style combines great listening with a warm and soothing yet practical style. One of her greatest strengths is an ability to look at whatever tangled situation I bring to her and help me unravel it.  She’s able to immediately sense what I need and helps me arrive at creative solutions. The best part is that I always leave our sessions grounded and with so much more clarity than when I started.

DIANE | Bloomington, IL | Writing Coach and Mentor

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT my Free Your mind program:

From the very first module--laughing!--Carrie's program began having a positive impact on me. It made me realize how seldom I laughed and how much joy was missing in my life. I started watching blooper reels from funny shows and began laughing so hard my stomach hurt. After doing this for several days, everything seemed lighter. 

Reframing my situation so that it focused on the positive was huge. Lyme disease taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, and it allowed me to become curious about what I could learn and change to make my life better, rather than be defeated by my symptoms.

Each of the modules in this course shifts the focus away from painful symptoms and experiences and on to being truly present with yourself through simple exercises that create positive feelings of well being.

I think these practices could be applied, not just to healing from debilitating illness, but to any situation causing suffering. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and to begin applying these practices. Just laughing more and taking the time to focus on myself in these simple, positive ways has made a difference in my life.


I am really impressed with Carrie’s program. I love the section on laughter because that's one that I forget about. Laughter will take you immediately out of fight or flight, so it's really important to laugh when you get triggered. This course inspired me to make changes by explaining the brain’s ability to rewire and the power of repetition. 

It's important to be convinced of the potential of healing before I consider dedicating time and effort to changing my thinking patterns. Carrie’s course is very well thought out and motivating.  


Carrie’s program is exceptionally well done. Her voice is calm and soothing. The graphics are capturing. The content is professional and the course is done to perfection. It’s obvious that she spent a lot of time on it!

As soon as I saw the topic of laughter my interest peaked. From then on I found myself looking to Carrie for wisdom - her voice is soothing and her intonation is consistent.