Do you find yourself grasping for fulfillment outside yourself as a distraction from symptoms of mystery dis-ease or life stuckness? As cliché as it sounds, you CAN begin to find peace within. Sign up below to enroll!

  • Do you feel as if “dis-ease” has robbed you of your life’s purpose?
  • Are you longing for a return to your past self?
  • Have you put your happiness on hold in an effort to find a solution to mysterious symptoms of dis-ease?

Learn to love yourself and your body once again in this guided journey through the troubled mind and into your unhindered spirit for just a dollar a day.




What is the 21 Days of Self Love eCourse?
This eCourse was developed to offer you a place to begin on the path to finally reconnecting with your wholeness, or your whole self, in a way that is loving, nurturing and compassionate.

What can it do for you?
Half a decade of mysterious health challenges have ultimately taken me deep within myself to find the answers I needed to heal. I want to share with you what I've learned about the importance of self-love because I feel passionately that the mind, body and spirit all need to be nourished if true health and wellness can be achieved. In fact, nourishing these three fundamental parts of you can easily do more than just heal "dis-ease”. This self-care can propel your wellbeing to heights you never imagined!

This eCourse takes you through 21 days of inspiring thoughts, reflective practices and beautiful images to inspire you reconnect with yourself. 

If you’re sick (literally!) of waiting for the solution to your health challenges and unfulfilling daily patterns and are ready to start finding true healing within yourself, this eCourse is for you.