Learn how to harness the power of your mind to begin healing your body as I take you through an easy and fun process that my clients love! 


A healing meditation on steroids...


This BRAND NEW mini-program has just been released to give you a glimpse of the deeper I work I do with my clients.

What if you can learn one of the most powerful tools I use when working one-on-one with clients at a fraction of the cost of personal coaching sessions?  

I've got you covered! This lovingly designed mini-program gives you everything you need to get the most out of this original guided meditation for only $17.


Carrie’s program is exceptionally well done. Her voice is calm and soothing. The graphics are capturing. The content is professional and the course is done to perfection. It’s obvious that she spent a lot of time on it!  

I found myself looking to Carrie for wisdom - her voice is soothing and her intonation is consistent.  

— Laura B., Florida

Reframing my situation so that it focused on the positive was huge. Lyme disease taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, and it allowed me to become curious about what I could learn and change to make my life better, rather than be defeated by my symptoms.  

I think these practices could be applied, not just to healing from debilitating illness, but to any situation causing suffering. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and to begin applying these practices.  

— Jenny P., Washington

I am really impressed with Carrie’s program. This course inspired me to make changes by explaining the brain’s ability to rewire and the power of repetition.  

It's important to be convinced of the potential of healing before I consider dedicating time and effort to changing my thinking patterns. Carrie’s course is very well thought out and motivating.  

– Kay H., North Carolina


I’m going to walk you through getting the most out of this guided healing meditation step-by-step.

Discover how to use meditation to take you beyond relaxation and into the realm of physical healing ....

  • Learn how to harness the power of your mind to begin healing your body as I take you through an easy and fun process that my clients love!

  • Find that vibrant part of you that has become hidden under months, years, or even decades of mystery illness.

  • Create an inner environment of peace & calm so that your body can do what it wants to do naturally - HEAL.

  • Feel motivated and confident in your innate ability to direct your own healing path.

  • Begin to take your life back!

Bottom line —
It's time to stop putting your power in the hands of others to give you the one-size-fits-all treatments and solutions to your mysterious symptoms of dis-ease. It's time to learn to trust in the immense power of the mind to bring joy back into your life.


TRY IT NOW: Don't miss this opportunity to practice one of the mind-body tools I've been successfully using with my clients for years. 


✔️ INFORMATIONAL VIDEO: Learn WHY this powerful meditation practice affects your physical body, leading to the ability to regulate you immune system and restore much needed functioning to your organs.  

✔️ DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOK: Designed specifically to partner with the powerful guided meditation.  

✔️ UNIQUE GUIDED MEDITATION: Created to mimic the work I've taught my clients with great success to direct their own healng paths.  

✔️ EASE OF USE: Downloadable to your computer, phone, tablet, Dropbox - essentially anywhere you need it so that you can take this practice with you!