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What is clean eating exactly?

Ask any two people and you’ll likely get two very different answers. With an ever- increasing number of diet trends out there - now no longer called “diets,” but instead “lifestyles” to discourage their use as quick fixes (that usually don’t end up fixing anything long term!) - it’s practically impossible to know what to eat.

We can read all the literature and research we can get our hands on about the latest superfoods or the dangers of too many carbs, but in the end there’s no perfect answer out there for YOU. We are all individuals with very distinct nutritional needs. And, those needs aren’t always met simply by what we put into our mouths. Our thoughts and emotions are equally important.

This is why after years of meticulous eating as I made my way from one healing trend to the next, I finally came to the realization that treating my illness with food perfection was leading me down a dangerous path to disordered eating. After years of diving deep into the mind-body work I now teach others, I forged a new path.

Today I use a serving of intuition, alongside a dollop of nutrition knowledge (which really is mostly common sense), with a pinch of who-gives-a-crap when it comes to my meals and, I feel better than ever.

If you’re interested in breaking some of your disordered eating patterns please join me for my next Food Gratitude program. Who doesn’t want to enjoy food freedom again?

This space was designed to share recipes and articles with you on the topic of “clean” eating. Enjoy!


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