Free Your Mind Program


Are you suffering from unusual symptoms of dis-ease that seem to baffle mainstream medicine?

Are you challenged with chronic pain, constant fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, brain fog, food intolerances or chemical sensitivities?

Do you have trouble letting go of control and not being “perfect”?

Are you searching for answers outside yourself?

Do you constantly say yes even when that means putting someone else’s needs first?

Do you have emotional outbursts or meltdowns?

My guess is that you’ve tried any number of approaches from mainstream medicine to supplements to holistic therapies to bring you relief from your unusual ailments.

Unfortunately, even the most powerful modalities like dietary overhauls, juice cleanses, acupuncture, energy healing, yoga, reiki, EFT, and meditation alone don’t address the root cause of what’s causing your physical and emotional symptoms.


If you’re like me, years (if not decades) of chronic “fight or flight” have created well-established pathways in your brain that make it nearly impossible to come back to a resting state. When your body is constantly on high alert, scanning your environment for physical and emotional “toxins," it can be an uphill battle to relearn how to be at peace. And when your body isn’t at peace it doesn’t have the resources it needs to heal.

This is not who you are. This is not your fault.

Modern day society - filled with a myriad of stressors in the form of chemicals in the air and in the products we use, toxins in our food supply, the high-achiever mentality of the job force, and even the demands of being the perfect parent or spouse - can take a toll on your ability to unwind and bring your body into balance. 

Add to that unaddressed old wounds and emotional traumas simmering deep beneath the surface, just waiting to explode, and it’s no wonder you have chronic symptoms and destructive behavior. 

Learn to reset your maladapted survival response

You are hardwired for physical survival. We all are. And at some point in your life, for whatever reason, a part of you (we'll call this your "limbic system") did not feel safe and created a reaction to protect you and ensure your survival.

Maybe it was a difficult childhood. Perhaps it was a stressful relationship or soul-sucking job. Perhaps it was simply the toll that childbirth took on your body in the midst of other significant life changes. Your limbic system stepped in to protect you from all of the stressors and challenges that life threw your way!

Unfortunately, this can lead to living (both consciously and subconsciously) a life of fear - fear of the next trigger or symptom that could harm you. Your hypervigilance keeps you playing small and, over time, can lead to a new persona living in an ever-increasing bubble of "safety."  Is this how you want to live? Is this who you really are?

You CAN "rewire" your brain. You just need someone to guide you through the process.

We've been told that this is "all in your head" or "your labs show that you're just fine" or "it's just a phase, stress, hormones..."  We’re taught to forge ahead concealing our pain and putting on our band-aids. 

  • We’ve been cast aside - misunderstood at best, ridiculed at worst

  • We’ve been told our bodies are not to be trusted, are broken and need to be fixed

  • We lose our sense of self, our passion for life, our vitality

  • We become desperate for a magic pill that will ease our suffering

Drugs and even holistic therapies and supplements may suppress symptoms, but they don’t address the actual causes of anxiety, fatigue or pain. They don’t offer solutions; they just mask the root problem. That is until you begin to partner with your body and understand that the power to restore your health is within you. You have an inner voice that desperately wants you to hear it's whispers. 

You can get better… and others already have.

My clients have found a way out and have seen REAL changes in their lives.


"I had been suffering from many chronic illnesses (SIBO, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimoto's to name a few) for 5 years. After changing my lifestyle completely, trying numerous restricted diets, seeing over a dozen health practitioners, I was left feeling empty, frustrated, isolated, and quite frankly, scared. I was afraid of my body, afraid of food and afraid of life. I wasn’t sure if I could fight the battle anymore. And then Carrie came along. Her coaching left me feeling inspired and empowered! She, and her coaching, is such a breath of fresh air, a warm and healing light that illuminates on everyone she touches. And that same energy shines through her Free Your Mind eCourse. Within days of implementing her action items from Free Your Mind, I was starting to feel free again for the first time in years. The symptoms and suffering seemed to disappear magically and I started feeling light and free as a bird!"




"Lyme disease taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, and it allowed me to become curious about what I could learn and change to make my life better, rather than be defeated by my symptoms ... I think these practices could be applied, not just to healing from debilitating illness, but to any situation causing suffering. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and to begin applying these practices." 




"I am really impressed with Carrie’s program. I love the section on laughter because that's one that I forget about. Laughter will take you immediately out of fight or flight, so it's really important to laugh when you get triggered. This course inspired me to make changes by explaining the brain’s ability to rewire and the power of repetition. 

It's important to be convinced of the potential of healing before I consider dedicating time and effort to changing my thinking patterns. Carrie’s course is very well thought out and motivating."  




"Carrie has brought a breath of fresh air to my life through her health and wellness coaching practice. She has helped me see around corners I didn’t know were there and dig deep to relieve suffering I was creating with my thoughts. The wisdom she gained through healing her own dis-ease has helped me work through many similar issues as I healed my breast cancer. I always feel deeply cared for and safe in our coaching conversations. I’m thankful the Universe introduced me to Carrie. Her guidance is always spot on."

JULIE EDGE Ph.D. | Kansas City, MO

When you don’t listen to the whispers of your wise inner guide, the whispers tend to get louder.

I was introduced to the idea of neuroplasticity as a possible treatment for my dozen+ mystery illnesses in early 2013. It would end up taking me 2 1/2 more years and countless supplements, practitioner visits, dietary overhauls, my desperate research into these illnesses, and ultimately a second "rock bottom" before I finally decided I was willing to give this mental "work" a try. Once I dedicated myself to the practice, I began to see results within days in the form of increased energy, lessening muscle pain, and a sense of calm that showed me that anxiety and brain fog no longer had to be my norm!

At this point, I was knee-deep in my nutrition and health coaching master's programs and began working with Dr. Martha Beck to gain more of the spiritual mind/body aspects of this work. Combining this new knowledge with the scientific neuroplasticity tools, propelled my health and wellbeing to levels that far surpassed what I had imagined possible.

Mind Body Healing Program




Neuroplasticity: The brain's ability to rewire itself

The most empowering aspect of this science is that thoughts alone can change brain structure, and emotions are powerful enough to strengthen these new connections so that the brain remembers the changes. Once you understand this power, it brings awareness to each and every thought you create… because these thoughts directly influence your wellbeing - both positively and negatively. This online course will provide you with the proven tools and techniques to create these powerful changes in your brain and body.


Often the motivation to do this "work" is there, but we just don't want to do it alone. 

My Meditation Library contains 8 Guided Healing Audio Sessions to help you ease into this mind-body healing process one step at a time.

Sessions are all under 20 minutes, guided by Carrie, and can be downloaded for easy access anytime, anywhere! 




Added by popular demand - Upon completion of the 6-week eCourse, many clients have been able to go beyond “rewiring” their brains for physical healing and have begun to experience levels of deep inner peace and joy with Carrie’s guidance and the wisdom offered in these additional bonus lessons.

These audio lessons, compiled from years of group coaching/educational calls, dive deep into the emotional and habitual causes of dis-ease. Once armed with the powerful neuroplasticity process taught in the ecourse, many clients have felt empowered to take their healing to the next level. The unique bonus lessons explore topics beyond the scope of the online course to further your growth.

Some topics include:
• A New Understanding of Pain
• Illness and Repressed Emotions
• Tantrum Journaling
• Resilience Tools

A continuation of the material taught in Modules 1-6 of the eCourse

• The Power of Gratitude
• Symptoms as Metaphors
• Creative Visualizations for Healing


Do You Need Personal Guidance & Direction?

After healing herself entirely and helping her clients find similar paths to recovery, Carrie has become attuned to quickly and intuitively identifying emotional blocks and thought patterns that might be standing in the way of healing.

A Rare Chance To Work 1-1 with Carrie

Carrie's 50-min private phone sessions give clients the personalized guidance they need to take the tools and techniques learned in the program and make them their own.

During these sessions, Carrie will give you concrete, actionable guidance tailored to your specific challenges and goals. You will leave with a clear vision of exactly what steps are next for you in your healing process.

*As part of the Free Your Mind Online program, participants will be given the opportunity to book one-to-one sessions with Carrie at a special reduced rate.




√ Lifetime Access to Free Your Mind eCourse (including future updates & additions)

√ Library of guided meditations and journaling activities to help you create your daily practice

√ 20 advanced bonus lessons

√ Optional one-to-one sessions with Carrie at a reduced rate

√ Money back guarantee (*see terms)





Module 1


  • Video Lesson - learn about a powerful tool and natural painkiller that will always ease your suffering

  • Curated Resources - jumpstart your practice of creating new neural pathways by starting out with a bit of fun

  • Three Page Loosening Pathways Activity - brainstorm ways in which you can add more laughter and play back into your life

Module 2


  • PreWork Activity - explore the power of words as they relate to illness

  • Video Lesson - join me as I reveal why you feel the way you do and provide scientifc proof that self-directed neuroplasticity can give you your life back!

  • Curated Resources - explore more about the science of rewiring your brain through various suggested videos and articles

  • Self-Talk Homework Activity - begin to recognize your inner gremlin for what he/she is - crazy, nonstop chatter - and implement new tools to bring greater awareness

Module 3


  • Video Lesson - discover how physical sensations within your body are often your teachers and can lead you to freedom from your symptoms

  • Curated Resources - learn how to better listen to your body's inner wisdom

  • Symptoms As Teachers Homework - begin to recognize the whispers of your physical sensations before they turn into screams

Module 4


  • PreWork Activity - learn how to use the 5 senses to elicit emotion

  • Video Lesson - learn to overcome your debilitating symptoms and the overwhelming impact they have on your life by eliciting emotion to rewire your brain

  • Curated Resources - explore more about the science of rewiring your brain through various suggested videos and articles

  • Visualization & Memory Making Homework Activities - get creative and play with ways to bring the power of visualization into your everyday life

Module 5


  • Video Lesson - put an end to your feelings of helplessness as you become armed with a well laid out plan to direct your own healing path in the midst of illness triggers and draining symptoms

  • Curated Resources - deepen your knowledge as to the "whys" of this practice by exploring outside resources that confirm the validity of this mind "work"

  • Printable Reminder Cards - take your practice wherever you go with these handy reminder cards. Before you know it the steps will become second nature!

Module 6


  • Video Lesson - the tools and techniques I used to propel me on my journey back to wellness, and ultimately wholeness, are revealed in this lesson so that you can truly thrive too!

  • Curated Resources - some of my favorite and most powerful videos and resources on the topic of neuroplasticity are shared with you here

  • Reflection Activity and Printable Tools - this final activity helps solidify this new way of being and interacting with the world so that you can truly take your toolkit on the road for the long term

You can continue in search of the "magic pill" to ease your suffering from symptoms such as exhaustion, pain, sensitivities, anxiety, and depression...


Or, you can continue to make smart medical and lifestyle choices while also taking your healing path into your own hands! Why wait for someone or something else with the "answers" when there's a big chance that the solution is available to you now? Imagine freeing yourself from the shackles of dis-ease. Ease, by definition means freedom from pain or trouble, comfort of body or mind, so "dis-ease" is an unnatural state of ease and mind.

Imagine being free to truly LIVE again! 


"From the very first module--laughing!--Carrie's program began having a positive impact on me. It made me realize how seldom I laughed and how much joy was missing in my life. I started watching blooper reels from funny shows and began laughing so hard my stomach hurt. After doing this for several days, everything seemed lighter. 

Reframing my situation so that it focused on the positive was huge. Lyme disease taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, and it allowed me to become curious about what I could learn and change to make my life better, rather than be defeated by my symptoms.

Each of the modules in this course shifts the focus away from painful symptoms and experiences and on to being truly present with yourself through simple exercises that create positive feelings of well being.

I think these practices could be applied, not just to healing from debilitating illness, but to any situation causing suffering. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and to begin applying these practices. Just laughing more and taking the time to focus on myself in these simple, positive ways has made a difference in my life."




"Working with Carrie has been such an amazing and eye-opening experience for me! Even though our sessions have been on the phone, I can feel her "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding what I'm saying and feeling. As a coach, I was very inspired by her ability to guide me to find my own answers and to help me stick to plans, providing me with encouragement and with accountability at every step. As a person, Carrie is: WISE! KIND! EXPERIENCED! Without hesitation, I give her my highest recommendation as a Health and Wellness Coach."



"Carrie’s program is exceptionally well done. Her voice is calm and soothing. The graphics are capturing. The content is professional and the course is done to perfection. It’s obvious that she spent a lot of time on it!

As soon as I saw the topic of laughter my interest peaked. From then on I found myself looking to Carrie for wisdom - her voice is soothing and her intonation is consistent." 



"Carrie’s coaching style combines great listening with a warm and soothing yet practical style. One of her greatest strengths is an ability to look at whatever tangled situation I bring to her and help me unravel it.  She’s able to immediately sense what I need and helps me arrive at creative solutions. The best part is that I always leave our sessions grounded and with so much more clarity than when I started."

DIANE | Bloomington, IL | Writing Coach and Mentor



√ Lifetime Access to Free Your Mind eCourse (including future updates & additions)

√ Library of guided meditations and journaling activities to help you create your daily practice

√ 20 advanced bonus lessons

√ Optional one-to-one sessions with Carrie at a reduced rate

√ Money back guarantee (*see terms)




About Your Mentor & Guide on This Healing Journey


Carrie has successfully battled mystery illnesses given over a dozen labels. Now that she's thriving, she's passionate about helping others discover the power of the mind in healing the body. In addition to her own 5-year experience with debilitating dis-ease, she is pursuing a master's in health & wellness coaching and nutrition, and has learned directly from mind/body experts Dr. Martha Beck and Byron Katie.

Outside of the heath & wellness world, Carrie enjoys spending time with her family of boys (husband, two sons and male Brittany spaniel), designing stationery for Minted and Walmart, and re-introducing the love of travel back into her life.