Mind Body Coaching


Seven years ago I was walking in your shoes. Well, actually I wasn't doing much walking at the time, sleeping was more my activity of choice. In fact, I knew I had hit rock bottom when I literally rested my head on the dinner table and fell asleep in the midst of my husband's lovingly cooked meal on our anniversary. (No, alcohol, unfortunately, was not involved). I was simply DEPLETED. No amount of external joy could pull me out of the trenches that had become my life.



mud-in-my-veins fatigue
unexplainable pain body pain
intense brain fog
depression and anger
crippling digestive troubles
chemical and fragrance sensitivities


Instead trying to change the environment in which I live to accommodate my symptoms, I decided I wanted to change my internal environment so that I could thrive in the world around me.

It felt as if every day I was being attacked by yet another weird symptom. My once vibrant and energetic self was nowhere to be found, and I was wallowing in self pity. I didn't realize at the time that this intense focus on my symptoms (even if much of the time it was to research the solution) was perpetuating the very symptoms that were plaguing me.

Like many of you, I exhausted all of my external healing options - mainstream medicine, a wide array of holistic therapies, dietary overhauls, and thousands of dollars worth of supplements. As the years dragged on, I found that I was living in an ever-increasing bubble in an attempt to shield myself from everything in the world that could harm me. As I was given my umpteenth professional medical diagnosis of CIRS (aka mold illness) and told that I would have to begin a heavy drug treatment protocol in addition to having to strictly avoid moldy buildings FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I thought to myself that there had to be another way.  

Instead of trying to change the environment in which I live to accommodate my symptoms, I decided I wanted to change my internal environment so that I could thrive in the world around me. I discovered that years of mental "bad habits" ultimately created a sickness loop in my mind and body that has now been rewired through the power of neuroplasticity. I want to help you uncover the mental and emotional blocks that are holding you hostage in your sickness loop. And, I want to share with you the mindfulness tools, wellness tips and healthful eating habits (and this doesn't necessarily mean adhering to a strict protocol!) that have assisted me on my journey so that you can be propelled on yours!

“Whether you’ve experienced a devastating diagnosis or are just want to feel better about your health, then please consider investing in yourself by working with Carrie Eckert. As my mind body coach, she helped me in some of my darker moments as I healed my body from breast cancer. She supported me as I questioned my thoughts that contributed to my dis-ease. With her guidance, I saw more clearly what was true and what wasn’t. Carrie’s kind and confident manner always made me feel safe and supported as I healed.”

– JULES EDGE | Kansas City, MO

"Working with Carrie has been such an amazing and eye-opening experience for me! Even though our sessions have been on the phone, I can feel her "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding what I'm saying and feeling. As a coach, I was very inspired by her ability to guide me to find my own answers and to help me stick to plans, providing me with encouragement and with accountability at every step. As a person, Carrie is: WISE! KIND! EXPERIENCED! Without hesitation, I give her my highest recommendation as a Health and Wellness Coach."


Coaching sessions start at $135 per hour. Deep change doesn’t happen overnight and packages comprised of 3 sessions are the best way to jump start this mind-body healing work.

Unsure of where to begin? Hop on the phone with Carrie for a free 30-minute discovery call so that we can both decide if we're the right fit for one another. You can follow the link below to access Carrie's calendar and find a date/time that works for you!


More About Coaching

I am often asked to better define what I do as a coach. The word has been emerging everywhere in recent years and is no longer just associated with sports teams. Executive coaches, life coaches, health coaches and relationship coaches are just a few of the many you'll find out there today. 

The simple answer is that coaching supports individuals by helping them build upon what is already working in their lives. It also brings awareness and healing to areas in which they might be stuck. Clients often say that coaching is remarkably powerful in helping them make lasting changes in their lives. That being said, with a degree in health & wellness coaching, certification from a highly regarded coaching program, training in neuroplasticity, and years of utilizing various mind-body techniques related to overcoming chronic illness, I am uniquely qualified as a Mind-Body Health Coach. I help empower you to harness the power of your mind to begin healing your body.