Are you secretly longing to view life through a new lens?

I certainly was. Years ago, before my health "crises", I privately prayed for something that would give me a greater sense of purpose in life. I knew there had to be more, but I didn't know how to begin to find it. After all, I had a supportive husband, two beautiful children, and a fulfilling freelance design career. On the outside, it appeared that I had everything a grown woman could want. That unexplainable yearning for something more led me on a quest to find that fulfillment in yet another little person to love. As I modified my diet in preparation for this third child, I felt fantastic - or so I thought. My energy and vitality were better than ever. But I still didn't know what true JOY really felt like and I thought that maybe experiencing the bliss of another new birth would help me find lasting fulfillment this time.

My body had other plans. I never expected that the answer to my private prayer would hit me as hard as it did. Almost 5 years of debilitating illness became my guide in this journey to finding true inner joy. Does everyone have to suffer to find peace? No, not this much. Not for so long. Had I known that what I was seeking all along was waiting patiently inside my soul maybe I wouldn't have had to travel such a bumpy path to freedom. I have no regrets, though. It's through this journey that I've been able to find the answer to my prayer and I want nothing more than to help others find this peace in their lives as well. You CAN view your life through a fresh lens. It just takes a little practice. And I'm here to serve as your guide if you will allow me.

Personal Growth Coaching Starter Package


Our initial session is a comprehensive, get-to-know-ya 70 minute conversation. There will, of course, be coaching involved, but it often takes awhile for me to become familiar with what you truly value in life and the challenges, emotions, and frustrations you most often face. 

All subsequent coaching sessions are 50 minutes long (with a little extra wiggle room as needed!) and are over the telephone or via UberConference.


  • In-Depth Questionnaire for me to get to know you, your health status, and your life goals
  • 70 minute Comprehensive Conversation – to clarify your current health, lifestyle and goals/dreams 
  • 3 x 50 minute weekly private coaching sessions
  • Email Support – access to me in between sessions for feedback and encouragement

“Even over the phone, I can feel Carrie "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding… As a person, Carrie is wise, kind, and experienced!”

"Carrie’s coaching style combines great listening with a warm and soothing yet practical style. One of her greatest strengths is an ability to look at whatever tangled situation I bring to her and help me unravel it.  She’s able to immediately sense what I need and helps me arrive at creative solutions. The best part is that I always leave our sessions grounded and with so much more clarity than when I started."

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Coaching sessions start at $135 per hour and your initial package is comprised of 3-4 sessions. The best way to begin is to hop on the phone with Carrie for a FREE 30-minute discovery call so that we can both decide if we're the right fit for one another. You can follow the link below to access Carrie's calendar and find a date/time that works for you! 


Coaching vs. Therapy

I am often asked how coaching differs from other healing professions. The simple answer is that coaching supports individuals who are mentally healthy by helping them build upon what is already working in their lives. It also brings awareness and healing to areas in their lives where they might be stuck. Coaching is not a form of therapy and therefore will not take the place of services offered by licensed mental health professionals. However, it often compliments the therapy process. Clients often say that coaching is uniquely powerful in helping them make lasting changes in their lives.