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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Sourdough Scones

Several years ago I was knee deep in all the different dietary healing protocols—GAPS, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (AIP), Vegan, SIBO, FODMAPs, Low Lectin, Elimination, Juice Cleanse. You name it, I’ve tried it! While none of them brought me vibrant health all on their own, a steady journey made up of clean eating, lifestyle modifications, holistic modalities and, most importantly, a daily neuroplasticity practice eventually brought me to the end of the vigilant wellness-seeking road.

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Back on Bread After Years of Gluten-Free: Part I

It’s been over seven years since I realized the power of healthy eating which, for me and my family, included very little dairy and gluten. Now that I’m learning to eat more intuitively (stay tuned for my Food Gratitude program coming in May) I’ve been embracing “clean” forms of gluten, i.e. organic sprouted wheat and homemade non-GMO sourdough bread.

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