Heather and Kristine - fellow health advocates and "mystery" illness warriors - interviewed me the week I released my three-part series, From Mold Illness to Mindfully Healed. We discussed the origins of my multiple mystery illnesses, the one-two punch that was my CIRS diagnosis, and how I ultimately healed from it all...


In This Interview, Topics Covered Include:

  • Chronic Inflamed What?! (Beginning)
  • But it went deeper than diet (6:36)
  • Insidious mold (9:27)
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, aka Mold Illness (13:17)
  • What's this mind-body "work" all about? (16:32)
  • What's life like today (32:20)
  • Letting go of the reins (34:28)
  • Free Your Mind (38:43)
  • 21 Days of Self Love (42:20)
  • From Mold Illness to Mindfully Healed Blog Series (43:14)