Singing Canary


I discovered this website after a friend tagged me in a Facebook post all about their Singing Canary drink. I haven't thoroughly explored the website or purchased their book, but it seems like they have the same WAPF (Weston A. Price) philosophy about healthy eating as I do. Whatduya know, eating whole, unprocessed, real foods can apparently help with weight loss in addition to managing and preventing disease!

Anyway, the Singing Canary has become a regular part of my morning routine several times/week since my poor adrenals are still on the mend. Decades of abuse can take years to repair and my adrenals are apparently among the last of my body parts to fully heal.

Their Facebook post gives you all the details, but I made a few little changes...

singing canary ingredients

Instead of protein powder, I use grassfed gelatin. The green bottle dissolves better in drinks while the red is best for gummier recipes. You can read more about the benefits of grassfed gelatin in my post about bone broth

I also go ahead and use the whole, organic lemons and then don't feel the need to add the oil of lemon.

I need to research their THM pure stevia extract powder, but for now I've been happy with liquid vanilla stevia.  *There's a good bit of debate out there about stevia that I just haven't had the time or interest in researching. I don't have much of a sweet tooth anymore and this is really the only recipe I find a use for it, so I'm not concerned about it personally.

singing canary lemons

This step is crucial, especially if you use the whole lemons, rind and all. My nut milk bag is all that's needed to make this drink super smooth.

singing canary drink

It's a bit of an acquired taste, but your adrenals will thank you for it!