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Universe Drink

Before moving down south to sunnier  Sarasota, Florida, we lived in Ponte Vedra and often ate at a wonderful little organic, raw food cafe in St Augustine called The Present Moment. They gave me permission to post one or two of their recipes when I was there, so I thought I would start with this one. It has antioxidant-rich raw cacao, the ancient Chinese superfruit goji powder, and hormone-balancing maca root powder...

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Singing Canary

The Singing Canary has become a regular part of my morning routine several times/week since my poor adrenals are still on the mend. Decades of abuse can take years to repair and my adrenals are apparently among the last of my body parts to fully heal.

Their Facebook post gives you all the details, but I made a few little changes...

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Sprouted Buckwheat Granola

In spite of its name, buckwheat is not actually wheat at all.  It's a gluten-free, wheat-free and grain-free fruit seed that is known for its blood pressure and cholesterol lowering effects. It is a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids.  Taking the extra step to sprout buckwheat helps to breakdown the anti-nutrients and hard-to-digest components of the seed and at the same time, helps to release highly beneficial nutrients. 

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