Are you wasting your energy?

I like to know people. And I don't mean know about people, but really know them. 

Maybe it's part of the reason I have trouble with idle chit chat and I steered clear of cliques of gossipy teenage girls growing up. Perhaps it's part of the reason I gravitated toward coaching in the midst of my otherwise lonely health journey several years ago.

But I think there's a bit more to it. Maybe you can relate.

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Screen Fatigue

I'm tired. Not physically tired. Not even mentally tired. But more spiritually tired. And this fatigue seems to have its roots in the digital world. I'm not referring to EMF exposure (though, that's possibly another good reason to take a break from our devices every once in a while). No, this depletion of the spirit has more to do with the disconnect from reality that has been nudging me back to stillness more and more recently.

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Today we celebrate. We celebrate the first harvest with friends and family. We gobble turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. We maybe engage in a well-informed political spat with those we love. 😳 We talk with others (possibly more than we would like).

On any other day, if I were to ask you who you talk to the most, how would you respond?

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Healthy Lifestyle Holiday Guide

Now that my kids have entered the second decade of their lives gone are the days of frantic toy shopping after (or on!) Thanksgiving. This year I get to relish in the relative calm of my laptop while I scoop up some fantastic deals on healthy lifestyle products for myself and my loved ones. . .

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Play - the most overlooked piece of my wellness puzzle, and maybe yours...

I don’t know about you, but somewhere along the line—amidst landing that stifling career in my twenties, taking on the responsibilities of owning a home, bringing two little lives into this world who would be utterly dependent on me, and getting chronically sick—I forgot how to play…

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From Mold Illness to Mindfully Healed, Part III: Recovery

This topic is the thread that tied the last decade of my life together. The more noise those of us affected can create, the more unwitting victims can be helped.

The increasingly common, and often hidden toxin has been underestimated for far too long. Relegated to a mere nuisance for those with overt allergies or sensitivities, mold lurking in the basement, behind paint and baseboards, in AC ducts, and under carpets may be wreaking more havoc on your health than you realize.

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From Mold Illness to Mindfully Healed, Part II: Clean Up

Though misunderstood by many—even in the medical field—there is a difference between mold toxicity and a mold allergy. A mold allergy is what my husband experienced when we pulled off the door frames and found ourselves face-to-face with Stachybotrys, i.e., black mold. An allergy elicits an immune response that usually manifests with symptoms in the sinuses and lungs. This response is typically an acute one (at least on the surface) that subsides when a person removes himself from the proximity of mold.

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