Old Program - New Program

I attended a talk by a spiritual teacher several years ago that was largely beyond my grasp. My soul or spiritual awareness was in its infancy at that time (who knows, maybe it still is!). What I certainly didn’t realize is how much wisdom is stored within our physical bodies just waiting for us to acknowledge.

Anyway, one thing she said piqued my curiosity and stuck with me. She suggested that we dedicate a day entirely to following our body’s cues. Instead of using our left brains and logic to plan our daily routine, see what happens if we allow our physical bodies to take the lead—from the moment we open our eyes until the moment we place our heads back on the pillow to drift off to sleep. 

I have yet to accept the challenge, but I’ve come a long way in my understanding of the mind-body connection since that time, and I would love to be disciplined enough to embark upon such an undisciplined day!


For now, I’ve gradually been able to pull myself out of the old high-achiever program (kicking and screaming at times) and steer myself toward a gentler, more graceful approach to my days.

Sometimes a perfect day consists of not being constipated and getting my kids to school :) Other days, my yoga practice looks like waking up, pulling off the sheets, and putting my two feet on the floor. And still, other days feel wildly complete if I’ve been able to spend some time in the fresh air with a good book.


It’s not about what obligations comprise your day as much as it is your mindset as you approach these obligations. Do you mentally check off the accomplishments you’ve fulfilled, making those accomplishments mean something about your worth? I hate to break it to you, but your worth is not determined by the number of check marks on your to-do list.

What would it feel like to take a few breaks from the high-achieving mental chatter and simply check in with your physical body once in a while? 

Your days can be as gentle and graceful as you allow them to be if you just get quiet and listen to the whispers of your body.

*Want to know more about “watering your mind garden” included in my NEW PROGRAM? Check out this throwback video that sparked my interest in creating that little icon :) —> Mister Rogers - Garden of Your Mind

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