Screen Fatigue

I'm tired. Not physically tired. Not even mentally tired. But more spiritually tired. And this fatigue seems to have its roots in the digital world. I'm not referring to EMF exposure (though, that's possibly another good reason to take a break from our devices every once in a while). No, this depletion of the spirit has more to do with the disconnect from reality that has been nudging me back to stillness more and more recently.

This fatigue has led to an unconscious distancing from what I probably "should" be doing to keep my business, that of helping others with "mystery illnesses," visible and growing. Not that you would notice, as we're all inundated by a steady stream of digital advertisements, online propaganda, and endless ego-driven social media posts nowadays.

The digital world affects us all differently. We commonly hear about the "compare and despair" affliction of teenagers as they scroll their Instagram feeds. 

Many of us find that precious time is sucked from us when we sit down to answer a simple email. The message notifications, big brother-esque advertisements, news links, and social media temptations keep us glued to our screens for longer than ever intended.


The instantaneous delivery of information garnered from the internet makes the speed at which real life flows seem stagnant much of the time. 

Has this rapid digital world affected your reality? What do you do when you come to a stop at a red light? Do you pick up your phone? Check your email or social media feeds? 

Maybe you're not so attached to your devices and their endorphin-producing hits of information. But I'm guessing you've been influenced in some way - whether it's the judgments (and corresponding self-judgments) made of others' social media posts or the plethora of medical disinformation in which you've immersed yourself in an effort to feel better or the over-purchasing of holiday gifts this year because you just can't seem to get away from all these increasingly tailor-made ads.

I've been listening to a podcast series from Rob Bell, entitled A Brief Guide to the Undernet, and his words have mirrored exactly what I've been feeling about the lack of discernment between the absurd and the noble on the internet. The skewed reality of our exploding digital world can be a dangerous, slippery slope for the wellbeing of our spirit.

I could go on and on about the ways in which digital devices and the speed at which their information flows is affecting me spiritually. For now, though, I am choosing to take the first step in "rewiring my brain," which is simply awareness. As I notice how technology and the internet are influencing how I live my life on a daily basis, I can begin to make small shifts for the better. For now, that means listening to my body when it becomes tight and the mind becomes frazzled after staring at a screen, and allowing myself to be in stillness. To be here. To just be.

• • • • • • • •

THIS WEEK: Can you step back from your attraction to the digital world for a moment and reflect on how it's affecting your perception of reality?

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