Your Longest Relationship

Imagine you're in a long-term relationship with someone you love deeply. Someone with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. 

But they wish you were different. 

They keep telling you all the ways in which you could be better. 

They have lists of the many ways you could be different. 

Does this make you feel motivated to change? Does their dissatisfaction with you inspire you to be a better person for them? 

If this does indeed motivate you to try to change, is that motivation rooted in a desperate need to retain their love? Does their disapproval truly motivate you to be the best version of yourself?

What if this person loved you exactly as you are? You are the person they've always longed for you to become. You are perfect and whole in their eyes, and they love you unconditionally. Just as you are.

No more guilt. No more score-keeping. No more proving your worth. 

Just sacred space in which you're worthy no matter what. Infinitely loved.

The longest relationship you'll ever have is the one with yourself. 

It is our natural instinct to want to care for those we love. To protect them, nurture them, be with them, bring them joy. So why is it so difficult to feel that same bond with ourselves?

THIS WEEK: What would it feel like to be in awe of the person with whom you will undoubtedly spend the rest of your life? Can you learn to love her unconditionally?

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