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Recipe: Yuca Waffles and Pesto

Coming off my month long infection-busting protocol (and feeling AWESOME!), I've had a difficult time wanting to jump back in to eating all the "regular" food. When you eliminate basically every possible inflammatory food for your body for a good chunk of time you give yourself a chance to come back into balance...

This isn't your typical waffles and maple syrup, obviously, but it's my savory take on the concept and it's even good enough to receive my middle schooler's stamp of approval...

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Recipe: Grain-Free Vegan Carob Cookies with Date Caramel Icing

Those of you following me on Instagram may have heard about the month-long, infection-busting protocol my son and I are in the midst of completing. In addition to taking heavy doses of herbal supplements (like maitake mushrooms, olive leaf extract, and many more), we're on a very limited diet in an effort to avoid as much unnecessary inflammation as possible. Cooking becomes a bit challenging without grains (with the exception of rice), dairy, nightshades, nuts, coconut, soy, legumes, chocolate, coffee, eggs, ferments and sweeteners (including maple syrup and honey).

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