The Good Marionette - Part Two

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The Good Marionette - Part One

No longer operated by the puppeteer who has now put down the control bar, she is able to begin to heal. Her companion uses food as medicine and tries various holistic modalities to bring her back. Some work to an extent, while others seem to do very little. The intent is always the same - mend the strings so that you can be my perfect marionette once again.


But she has no intention of re-emerging as a puppet. She knows the cycle will only play out in much the same way. Brute force and a heavy hand are no way for best friends to navigate life together. Mutual respect, love, adoration - it’s this path forward or her eventual demise. If she can just help her companion understand that she has been blessing her with whispers to lovingly support her all along. She wants so much to help her navigate her journey if she will simply pause and listen.

Her screams, the snapping of the puppet strings, the collapse of the doll - this isn’t the only way. It’s certainly not the preferred path.

It will take years for her friend to understand this truth and more time still to embody it. She continues to find ways to ignore the whispers — to prefer the words old patterns, societal norms, and generational expectations will tell her. And that’s okay from time to time. Unlike her companion, she knows that perfection isn’t something for which to strive. It is inherent, and we’re perfect in our imperfection. As long as we make our way back onto the path paved of mutual love and respect every time we awaken from our slumber, the journey will be one of grace.

“The body keeps score, and it always wins.” -Brené Brown

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