Do you live in the Sarasota area?

I love connecting with clients in person and offer several services to help you on your wellness journey. 

Private Coaching

Coaching supports individuals by helping them build upon what is already working in their lives. It also brings awareness and healing to areas in which they might be stuck.

I use mind-body coaching techniques and my training in neurology and nutrition to help others take the steps needed to heal and thrive.

Healthy Home Tours

Years of suffering personally from debilitating environmental illnesses forced me to thoroughly investigate how the toxins in our homes can have devastating effects on our health. 

This in-person, in-home consultation is designed to give you exactly what you need to help protect you and your family from the ever-increasing toxic load in our modern day environment.

Mini Retreats

My self-empowerment workshops are designed to help you become grounded, present, and calm within your body. As you learn to come back to this place of calm, or "home", within yourself, your body does what it truly wants to do naturally - HEAL + THRIVE.

Contact me if you would like to discuss how we can plan a retreat in your home or office space. 

*Header photo by john vargues, Lido Key, Sarasota Florida