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Why Eat Organic?

"Organic food can be difficult to find."  "It is so expensive!"  "It doesn't look as nice as the conventional versions."  "Organic, grass-fed meat tastes weird and is difficult to cook."  "Organic food seems to have a shorter shelf life."  "Recent studies indicate organic produce isn't any healthier."  "It's a luxury fad for the wealthy."  "Again, it's too expensive!"

We can make a conscious decision to pay for our health now with wise food choices and lifestyle modifications or we can choose to pay in the future as we take on the financial burden of fighting disease.  Many Americans see food simply as a means to satisfying their appetites. If we, instead, view food as nourishment and fuel for our body's innate ability to heal itself then we begin to understand the importance of really considering every bite we consume.

Here are the facts...

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