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Do you hear the whispers?

Listen to my body? Are you kidding me?! How can I not hear the screams of my body's chronic pain or that sand-in-my-veins fatigue or the dizzying haze of the brain fog?! Don't tell me that I don't listen to my body. I can't NOT listen!

That's what I said when someone tried to tell me that I needed to listen to my body 7 years ago. I was doing all the right things--eating well, exercising, raising a healthy family, working a fulfilling part-time job--and feeling great until... I wasn't. This vibrant health was seemingly there one day and completely snatched from me the next. 

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Are You Eating Your Emotions?

Since implementing a mindful eating practice I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels after mealsSlowing down to acknowledge a meal that you are about to eat and savoring the bites as they touch your lips may seem like a luxury we just don't have the time for these days (not to mention a bit odd), but there is real evidence that this practice translates into health benefits for you.

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